Friday, November 10, 2006


For what it's worth
My little girl calls me Cheeto! Not sure it's exact meaning but it's her way of trying to get a point across. It's kind of cute in a little girl way. I don't like it sometimes cause I know she's right.

It's interesting, the power of words. I am reading a book by Andy Stanley and he got me to think if I was adding value to others lives or not. We really can plant seeds that if believed (by the one we speak to) can change their lives.

From my heart come my words to others. What ever I am saying is some how linked to what's in my heart. Why can't I see people for the potential that is in them seeing past the moment of contention. Jesus looked at others for the potential they had not just the underachieving or dissenting behavior. My friend Brian does this well.

So if I really want to make a difference with my words, I have to examine my heart. I am understanding that the heart needs attention every day. Like my teeth, my body, bank account, house hold . . . I need to add my heart to the top of the daily list that I need to attend to each day.

When I give my heart the attention it deserves, I'll be making the difference I'm called to make and I won't feel fell so much like a Cheeto.