Friday, January 05, 2007

Transactions or Relationships

I am reading a book to my boys (bedtime reading) called "You don't need a title to be a leader" by Mark Sanborn. They seem to like it although they drift to sleep rather fast. In the book Mark discusses the imporatance of the daily exchanges we have with others. Here is a condensed thought that was rather provoking:

"Differences between Transactions and Relationships

Much of what we do each day as businesspeople and speakers is transactional. We focus on our interactions with others to achieve specific outcomes. In many exchanges there simply isn’t the need for relationship beyond common courtesy. But for those people we value, in business and life, we need to distinguish between the transactional and the relational.

If you value the person, don’t ever waste his or her time

Ultimately, time, the raw resource of life, is all we have. That’s why purposeful interactions prove we value the other person. In a time-compressed world, most of us can’t devote time to those who are simply “staying in touch.” I prefer “keeping in relationship” as a philosophy. That means I don’t need to engage in mindless contact to keep myself in someone’s awareness. Instead, I can devote time to meaningful exchange."

I struggle with this. I want my exchanges to have some meaning. I really would like to add to others more than I take. I'd rather have my relationship be mutual instead of a lopsided self interest. I'd rather inform rather than keeping in touch. I don't want transactions I want relationships. I think God is say the same to me.

To read the full length version of Mark's article, here's the link:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

To me this depicts a Happy New Year! Her biggest concern for this year is to keep from screaming when brothers pester her! I know as adults our lives are more complicated than that but this smile helps me keep life in perspective.

By the way, to keep myself accountable I am "resolving" only to try and blog a little more this year. I only blogged twice last year . . . so I am well on my way.