Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Week

I had a great week. Started the week (or ended last week) playing drums at CCV. Great weekend, great set, I am starting to get in the groove of playing again. It is great to be reaquainted with the pocket! After church on Sunday, we went camping in Sedona . . . the place where the vortex of the universe exist according to some! I don't believe that vortex stuff but there was some pretty scenery! We camped (tent and all) by Oak Creek. The forecast said lows in the high 40's. They were wrong by about 15 to 18 degrees. We were so cold that first night! 32 degrees! Didn't get much better at 34 the next night after making some necessary sleeping arrangements.

As a family we had a great time. A little bit of hiking, bouldering with Nathan's "near death" experience, some card playing, some smore making, and Melissa out did herself for camp dinner making! She's good! Taught the boys how to start a fire. Great skill to have in the wilderness or in 32 degree temps! Really enjoyed being with the family.

Turned 38 on Wednesday. Feel a little bit older. I know "they" say age is a state of mind and you are only as old as you act or feel or whatever! I need to get in better shape, in every way! More on that in a later post.

I am currently doing some contract design work for the John Wayne Cancer Institute. It was a very productive week this week. My client is really enjoying my work and I am enjoying the working relationship. Could lead to more work . . . which is good. I must interject . . . God incredibly faithful. He has opened a great door and for that I am grateful.

Had a belated B-day dinner tonight with family. Good time and I ate too much Costco Chocolate Cake! Did I say I need to get in better shape? Note to self . . . no more Choco Cake!