Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

2008 was a doozy! Here are a few of MY memories:

// Best new place to eat: Sauce (the green leaf chicken salad ... great!).
// Facebook: enjoyed reconnecting with HS friends. Linked with a few Child-hood friends after no contact for close to 20 years!
// Twitter: I've made some great cyber-friends which have translated into great networking and I feel closer to those I follow (in a weird way).
// A few shows that I started to watch in syndication: Scrubs, House, Monk (They are all new to me! My boys dig Monk).
// Favorite songs: Love Song, Sarah Barielles | Song of Hope, Robbie Seay | How He Loves, John Marc McMillan
// Favorite Books: Made to Stick, Heath | It came from within, Stanley | Jim and Casper go to church, Henderson
// News stories that stand out: Olympics (Opening Ceremonies / Phelps) | Economic down turn
// Personal challenge: Marathon training (tougher experience than last one. enjoyed getting "back in shape" ... somewhat!) BuyingLessLivingMore - we started strong ... it was good for our refinement.
// Personal family moments: Melissa meeting her goal - I am really proud of her| my boys and our FSM (FatherSon Meetings) Gigi doing ballet | My dad's surgery | Family Pics with Daley and Julie | Dating Melissa again ... our getaway in October will not be our last.
// The Crossroads: Koina Cafe | Structure of Growth Groups | Speaking improvements | FPU
// Musical moments: Playing on Community of Grace's Worship Project - My bro | Pinnacle Forum - Joey, Andy, Gary, Derrick

What was your top memory (good or bad) of 2009?

Importance of Listening

"A society in which adults are estranged from the world of children, and often from their own childhood, tends to hear children's speech only as a foreign language, or as a lie. Children have been treated as congenital fibbers, fakers and fantasisers." — Beatrix Campbell, British journalist (1947- )

Hal Runkel: Today's society is very demanding. Many of us find ourselves running on empty and hardened to the world of play that we once loved. When we allow our schedules and demands to take over our lives, we cut ourselves off from an important connection we have to our children. We can even start to resent them for the fun that they do have because we've forgotten how. When is that last time you really listened to your son or daughter? Children generally have a fresh and positive view of the world, but we often only hear them when they complain and then we take it personally. Try letting go of a little tension the next time you see your kids and just be with them. Listen to what they have to say without trying to teach or shape them. Just sit back and allow yourself to see the world through their eyes; you might be surprised at how much fun it is, even if only for a moment.
The thing I like about Hal's perspective is that he promotes interaction and responsibility on both parent and child. Kids are not an inconvenience in a parents life. Most of the time when my child wants to show me something or tell me something ... they are inviting me into their world. I don't ever want those invitations to stop coming to me.

Let's commit to listen to our kids more in 2009 and foster responsible, respectful, and honoring people.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What are you shooting for?

Two-thousand and eight was a tough year for many people in America. As we start a new year in a few days, many are refocusing, resetting priorities and going through self-evaluation.

Self evaluation is great but the tough thing about that is when it's my only evaluation. I have blind spots. You do too. It's great when others encourage us but tough when it's not a complementary assessment.

As tough as it may be ... I am going to foster a couple people who know me, who can be honest with me and are committed to my growth and development - to speak into my blind spots throughout this next year.

It you are into setting goals and mission statements ... here is a good tool that I've recently used. It takes just a few minutes.

What is your number one goal/resolution/change in 2009?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy "National Buddy the Elf" Day

Today, just for fun, answer at least one phone call, "Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thinking and Studying

"The author or speaker from whom you learn the most is not the one who teaches you something you didn’t know before, but the one who helps you take a truth with which you have quietly struggled, give it expression, and speak it clearly and boldly." - Oswald Chambers

To read the entire article ... click here

Exponential Progress

Technology: Remember where our society was just 10 years ago? There was no iPhones, no Tivo, no movies on demand, and I don't recall knowing what a text was. Social Networking?

Check this out ... mind boggling!

[ht: flowerdust]

What device of technology / or application would be life altering if you didn't have it?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Santa: What to tell your kids...

One of my hopes for this blog is there will develop a dialog regarding some posts. I'd really like to hear your thoughts and opinions. So chime in!

One of the most controversial topics, especially for parents is what to do with the subject of Santa. We've had a couple of approaches over the years.

The dilemma for parents is whether or not to tell kids there is a Santa who brings them gifts, thereby "ruining" the magic of Christmas - modeling to them it's OK to mislead if the end justifies the means.

Others foster telling their kids the true story of St. Nicholas and his generous heart and selfless acts.

Some have said Jesus brings their gifts. (Check out this Santa and Jesus similarity video - 2 minutes)

Still others are upfront with their three year old telling them that mom and dad give them their gifts ... not giving Santa ... or Jesus any of the credit!

There may be some questions my kids ask that are not age-appropriate for them to fully know. I personally want to create a family environment where my kids can ask tough questions, and they know I will be honest in my answers. That's what I want from them ... Now to bake some cookies for Santa. (haha)

So ... where to you lean in this conversation and why?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ever tried one of these?

It's a Horned Melon. The spikey-looking horns do prick.

Taste? Think inside of a grape, meets lime, has lunch with a cucumber.

Wasn't bad ... but probably won't buy one again.

What new thing have you tried?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Computer non-issues ...

If you rely on your computer daily for work, you can imagine how tough a day is without a computer. That was my day today.

My computer was working well this morning. After checking email and such first thing, I closed down and went to work. My MacBook "grey screened" me!

I immediately scheduled a Genius Bar appointment (at the Apple Store). The prognosis ... Bad egg of a disc. I purchased a new one at Fry's at the recommendation of the "Genius" who showed me how to change the disc myself. Gotta love 'em.

Here is the great part. I was a bit dreading reloading all the programs and such. The Time Machine feature (Apple's backup system on their new OS) reloaded everything for me. EVERYTHING ... Apps and all! It was flawless.
What do you like about your computer?

This only worked out well cause .... my last backup was last Sunday and only lost three days of work.