Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Machine is a Time Saver

If you've ever lost any important document or project on a computer disk you can empathize with me.  A co-worker found out today that he lost everything on his computer.  That hurts!

Anywho, today, in haste, I deleted a native file that I mistook for another file.  Hit in the gut. To redo the project would have took about 2 hours.

The good news is that I've been regularly backing up my system (about once a week) and did so this morning.  I never had to use Time Machine until today.  It worked like a charm and restored the project as if nothing happened.  

Thank you Apple for your genius.  Made me grateful in many ways.  I backed up and it paid off. I work in a place that appreciates Apple too.  


Any horror "information loss" stories?  Any "information saved" stories?

Happy Birthday

From our times of hangin' in Modesto way back when, he made a lasting impression on my boys and still is their favorite guitarist. Wes is a close second! Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Buys his latest release here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doug Lake for President!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Celebrity" programs

Is it me or do the "celebrity" reality shows bug?  Granted some of the "celebrities" were popular at one time.  But what is the statute of limitations on someone having celebrity status? Seriously! It's not once a celebrity always a celebrity.  Letting go of the 15 minutes is tough.

What is our fascination with people in entertainment?  Come on now - I think it all boils down to the definition of "Celebrity/Star" - Dancing with the Stars - Jason Taylor and Apollo Ono are athletes not "Stars".  Vanilla Ice? Flavor Flav? What about the people that become "stars" from being on reality shows . . . . Amorosa? Can you help me understand this!  

Does being on a TV or a movie qualify?  When I think "Celebrity" or "Star" I think Johnny Depp, Will Smith, or Charlize Theron.  Can't see them doing a reality program.  Just my thought.    

What is your take on all this "celebrity" fascination?  

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We at The Crossroads have started a new series called DIY - you can do it, He can help!  In light of the need (mandate from scripture) to make disciples, we are taking the next few weeks to address some key foundational pillars to being a growing Christ follower.  

This past week we touched on the importance of God's Word in our lives.  There are so many tools out there that aid and support us to get more of God's Word in us.  We played a great tune for communion called, "In the Sun" - written by Howie Day.  It's great to identify messages that God wants to communicate to us ... even in pop culture.  

NOTE:  we are working on getting the messages on iTunes.  More to come there ...

Apple Genius Bar

If you have a computer, some time or another you've experienced problems.  Comes with the territory.  I recently had an issue with my DVD-CD drive in my MacBook.  I know I was close on the warranty expiration . . . just wasn't sure how close.

I took my computer in to the Biltmore Apple Store in Scottsdale around @ 3 pm on Monday.  The person who helped me was not only helpful but considerate of my being one month past the warranty.  Apple replaced my drive (no charge), replaced my keyboard / trackpad - which had a little wear from closing the lid (no charge), and said they could flip it around to me in a day or two!  Great...with the repair being no charge I could be computerless for a day or two.  I got a call at 6:30 pm that same day saying the repair was complete.  

What I learned:  Be gracious, everyone sometimes needs their warranty extended gratis.  AND give yourself margin to deliver beyond customer expectation.  

Thank you Apple!  Thank you Shawn (the genius that helped me!).

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Want to feel rich today?

Our concept of being rich is really messed up. Most of us in America, have a "keep up with the Jones'" mentality - although I do think that is early 2000's - and it keeps some of us from truly living in our means.

If you want to feel rich today . . . Check out this site.

I know it's all relative but we all can live with so much less.

The best financial advice I've received: "When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall!"

What is the best advice you've received financially?

Friday, July 04, 2008


I read this today and it echoed what I was feeling in my heart. In light of the pain going on in the world - not just hear in America but world wide - We all need hope!

I read this definition of hope ...

Hope = confident expectation in who God is in the midst of any situation.

Confident - how does one obtain confidence?
Expectation - what is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy expectation? 

I am digging into with his definition.


I know there are a few of you out there that read this from time to time.  You may not comment . . . but you're out there (I think?).

I've talked to a lot of people going through such rough times these days:  Physical issues, Financial issues, Relationship issues, Occupational issues, Personal tragedy . . . . you name it!

If I could pray one thing for you for the next week, what would that be?