Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long time no post . . .

Well it's about that time of the year to look back and see how the new year's resolutions are doing. My one and only was to blog more than I did last year. I've met my quota but I haven't in a while. Not sure why. It's not that don't want to . . . I guess I am still working out my blog style and purpose.

Part of me thinks there is something a bit self absorbed, egomaniacal about blogging. You know, that someone else would care what I would think. I get it if your mentoring others, or have written a book, or want to get information out to the masses. I am blogging about the fact I haven't blogged in a while.

I have been thinking a bit lately about the purpose of difficulty in our life. I do all I can to make sure my kids don't have difficulty. I don't like it when their sick, when another kid makes fun of them, when they get hurt. Most have this figured out but without those difficulties we don't grow as people. Our character is never tested. I think difficulty exposes what's inside and sometimes it's hard for me to be exposed to me!

I read I Thes.5:18 yesterday . . . I am grateful for the good times and the bad times. Both serve a purpose . . . . Heck, it tells me "I'M ALIVE!" For that I am especially grateful!

Saw this and this on the net today . . . Creative and funny ways to expose truth!
Got a free dog yesterday. It's a one year old male Maltese that was given to us...did I say free! Anyway, we named him Rocky, or as Gianna calls him, "Froggy", sometimes "Frosty".

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