Saturday, May 24, 2008

A lesson in trust

I am rarely effected by the negative bad news we hear most mornings/evenings. With all the talk about gas prices increasing, the housing market tanking, and the most of our society spending more than they make, it can be a little bit of a downer.

Just a week ago I was in Walmart buying a few items and as I reached into the self check out change dispenser I found a penny with wheat on it! "Sweet, an old penny!" I thought. I looked at the date - 1924. That is one of the oldest I've ever handled personally.

I put it in my pocket and then felt God speak to mind and heart. I began to think of all that penny has been through before it got to my hand that day. In 1924, one could buy a loaf of bread for 5 cents. That penny had seen several presidential administrations, the depression of 1929 into the 1930's. A couple of World Wars, economic turmoil and upswing. How many times have we walked by pennies on the ground, thrown them in a wishing well, or disregarded their value. Countless times!

God reminded me that as this penny has been through good and bad times, it made it through economic struggles, I too will make it through rough times. I read the inscription on the front and it said it all to me - In God We Trust. May sound a little cheesy but it really reset my focus!


Brian said...

The title of your blog inspired me, so I decided to find out how much it is actually worth. In average condition, a 1924 penny is worth 5 or 6 cents. Unless it has a little "D" under the date. In which case, it's worth over 17 dollars. The value of this coin has gone up a minimum of 50o%. Plus the spiritual and personal value, which I would say is much higher. For what it's worth....

Derrick Logan said...

Love the last two posts, bro!

BTW... you're link loved as well.

Enjoy the weekend!