Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clarity sometimes comes with time

It's amazing how a little time helps clarify things. This past weekend I spoke at The Crossroads. I've been working on the message for about three weeks ... thinking about if for about four.

I made a mistake Saturday, overwriting a file that I had worked about 4 hours on, and needed for Sunday's message. So I thought.

After feeling like I wanted to throw up and having a little bit of an emotional breakdown (I cried in frustration ... at least I didn't yell or break anything!) I decided spending time with the family was in order. So for next several hours that's what I did. After dinner I calmly took about an hour/two and made the adjustments.

Granted, it wasn't what I planned for my message but ... after delivering it twice on Sunday, I see the purpose in it. I found a delivery style that worked for me, that I wouldn't have had I not - overwritten the file on Saturday.

Thought that was interesting ... looking back on it!

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