Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My, how time flys

So here it is, middle of May 2007. I have met my goal this year of blogging more than I did last year (twice). I'm feeling pretty good about it. Also, feeling pretty content these days. God has really refined me and Melissa in the last two years. Refined . . . defined as: to remove impurities or unwanted elements from a substance. Another definition is to improve something by making small changes, in particular more subtle and accurate. Boy . . . that has been us.

I feel things are shifting for us - in a way as if things are falling into order. Not that life has been out of order, it's just been redefined. Anyway, I am looking forward to see what will be the next adventure for our life. God is never boring. It's just a matter of how I am perceiving Him.

Here are some random thoughts I am having these days:

:: I felt a little guilty that as a life long Laker fan, I was rooting for the Suns to win it all . . . even when the Suns beat the Lakers in the first round.

:: I've been "Bicing" my head these days. Smooth crome-domious. Not really my favorite but with my head of hair or lack of it . . . it's the lesser of the evils.

:: I had an incredible time with my extended family (Brian and Joy Kitchen) the last weekend of April (See picture above). They are some of my favorite people to be with. Just typing this about them makes me smile.

:: Really enjoying playing the drums lately. I am feeling like I am really hitting my stride. I am playing more simple these days and it just feels right.

:: Would like to see a concert this summer. The Police would be great!

:: I love being married to Melissa. She makes me think, she loves our kids, she is beautiful, and makes me laugh!

:: My boys are getting big. I really feel like I have a brief window of time where my influence is really strong. I know it won't always be there and don't want to blow my opportunity. I pray for God's grace to fill the gaps. They are growing up to be respectful, character-filled, and Godly. Man I love them.

:: Gigi is my little love bug. When I am working on the computer, she climbs in my chair and lays her head on the back of my shoulders. She told me today that I was a good pillow and then proceded to peck me with countless kisses. It really made my day.

:: Graduations and Weddings are overrated. I know they are big for the people going through them but looking back at mine . . . all the hype . . . . yeah, their overrated. Looking forward to Micah's big day and Danny/Jen's wedding.

:: I don't like the middle east troubles. Gas prices suck! God bless and protect Israel.

That is it for now. My intent was to post something quick. I suppose I've blogged enough to last me til next month. We'll see.

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Heidi said...

Every once awhile, you're surfing and you read a name and you say,I know this person. I saw your name on the Kem Meyer site and said I know this guy.
Sounds like everything is well with you and your fam!!!