Monday, September 03, 2007

Loving Life!

I am pretty happy with my weekend experience. First, we had friends from Chicago come visit. Their daughter Mikeyla was Gianna's crib mate for their first eleven months of life together. What a bond with someone! I enjoyed seeing them play with each other, appreciate each other, love each other. It is a one of those things you hear about where you can be away from someone in proximity yet close to them in your heart. I believe in that with certain people in life. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. With others it is . . . out of sight out of mind, unfortunately.

Secondly, we at The Crossroads had our first in service baptism. The message about baptism was the best I've ever heard bridging the OT sacrificing of lambs for sin removal to the NT and Jesus our ultimate sacrificial Lamb. We had five people decide that they wanted to make a public profession of their faith and on the spot change into clothes we bought for that occasion. Man I respect that! Putting aside all fears, all uncertainties, and stepping out in obedience. In all 12 took the plunge and I had the privilege to dip nine of them. God gets all the credit and I was honored to be a part of such a great experience for them, our church . . . and me!

Lastly, I really enjoy my family. I know I've blogged about them in the past and may sound redundant but I enjoy their company. Yeah, the boys have been at each other a little more lately and Gigi's screams have been a little higher but when it comes down to it . . . they are the closest part of me and visa versa. Really enjoyed my moments with Jackson this weekend especially. He and I are connecting well lately, whether it's playing the Wii together, short trips to Wal-mart, or talks about life lessons.

I adore and am so proud of Melissa. She is the love of my life!

I've got my issues . . . but despite them, I'm loving my life.

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