Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Orleans - Day One and Two!

I am here for a few days helping a group of guys restoring houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I really didn't know what to expect. It amazes me that there are houses that have been completely abandoned with no guarantee the owner will come back and restore it. Many have and many haven't.

I like the helpfulness of the neighbors and neighborhoods - at least in the areas we are working in. It's a Three Musketteers "All for One, One for All" kind of tude. I would say that New Orleans is back on it's feet but it has a huge limp! I think the housing situation will be a huge hurdle. Businesses are coming in and the population is growing but the unclaimed houses will be an issue of when and how they will be occupied again.

Saw the Pink Campaign helped by Jolie and Pitt. 9th Ward is . . . . wow!

Matt Woodward is planting a church called The Gathering. We are helping him renovate a claimed bowling alley tomorrow. He will do a great work here in Chalemette.

I enjoyed touring the Quarter tonight. Bourbon street was narrow and dirty. I liked the antiquity of the city, the history. Definitely would not want to live here. That's me. Looking forward to coming home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

mmm, mmm, mm. nah'lins!

C.Cary said...
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C.Cary said...

ahhhh, my short lived stomping grounds. Good food...Better friends