Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exponential Conference - Day 1

Andy Stanley is a great communicator. Not just in the books he writes but in his style of communication. He spoke to a bunch of peers today and made his talk clear, helpful, and motivating. Here are some of the thoughts I had during his talk.

Andy Stanley

· Andy's got a cool authenticity.
· China's underground church is looking for models – (Security Model is what they have – "don't get arrested" model.
· It's foolish to allow a ministry thing to divide a family/family member.
· North Pt started with 1500 people!
· North Pt. has two churches 20 miles north and 20 miles south. 14 churches planted.
· The glue that holds it all together: Peter said, "You are the Christ, the son of the living God."
· Vision: a mental picture of what it COULD be fueled by a passion of what SHOULD be!
· Vision begins as a burden. What burden are you carrying?
· The WIN is when the vision is clear and communicated clearly.

State it simply:

· What are you trying to accomplish.
· Memorable is portable! Easy to remember – It's not easy (we assume everyone knows what you are all about)
· Vision doesn't stick . . . It let's us know how poorly we've communicated it.
· "create a church where unchurched people love to attend."
· ONE campaign– to make poverty history (compelling and clear)
· If we are committed to Growth and Multiplication - the statement must be simple/compelling statement in order to last
· Barrack Obama = Change (He will get to explain what it means if he wins)
· What is our one sentence job each day we show up for work.

Cast it Convincingly

· Nehemiah 2 – ultimate vision casting story.
· Wall was down for a while.
· Three components: Define problem, offer solution, why/why now
· People have to feel the problem – Craft the vision as the solution to the problem people connect to!
· What must be don? What would go undone if our church ceased to exist. When we answer that problem we see what our vision statement addresses.
· Businesses have created . . . the idea that we are the solution to your problem.
· Why plant in this community now? A clear vision motivates people to act.

Repeat it regularly

· In every organization there is a rhythm. What is our Rhythm?
· January: A good time to vision cast (or when ever attendance is up)
· Vision leaks . . . We repeat it regularly – recast, recast.

Celebrate Systematically

· When you catch someone living the vision out, living the mission. . . make them a public WIN that is celebrated! "When I say . . . a fully devoted follower of Christ . . . that is what we are talking about."
· Stories clarify vision –
· How do we Celebrate these stories . . . Systematically.
· What happened last week that made you feel successful at what you do here (at The Crossroads).

Embrace it personally and publicly

· Personal stories, celebrated – help others see you've bought in.
· Reiterate that their job was significant.
· Be intentional with sharing those moments. What COULD be and what SHOULD be will be clear on what God has planted in your heart.

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