Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yesterday had coffee with a friend of mine. He is one of those people who is full of integrity and who truly wants to use his gifts to benefit God's kingdom. He recently wrote this based on recent developments in his life.

Vulnerability + trust = order. Vulnerability - trust = chaos. It is interesting that both order and chaos have vulnerability in common. The difference is the issue of trust.

I trust Christ and my hope for any sense of order in the future is directly dependent on my trust in him and his way of living life. Without it I will be at the mercy of
chaotic, empty promises and fear filled men.

Trust is the only way to clothe the nakedness of vulnerability. It is a fantasy for me to believe that I can get somewhere in life and never be vulnerable. Trust is the answer - believe me. I know.

Words to live by ... Thanks Rodderick!

[This is based on Genesis 1 through 3]

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Todd Oldenburg, Banning CA said...

I have been learning about order in my own life recently. Enjoyed the post. Hope you and the family are wll Doug. Take care!