Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What do you worry about?

I am speaking a message this weekend - "Tis the Season Not To Worry." It has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with our devotion. (see Matthew 6)

Most of our worries or fears are unfounded but that doesn't make them any less real in our emotions. Jesus has some great stuff to say with regard to our emotions tied to our devotion.

My biggest worry is that I am not or will not be a good husband and dad. I think about it a lot and am constantly giving over to God who knows that all to well about me.

What's your biggest worry these days? Come on ... share it!


Todd Oldenburg, Banning CA said...

My kids are continually on my mind. Their protection, provision, education etc. Mishele & I are always asking "are we doing enough?" or "are we doing a good job"? I trust God and His Word and believe that what is being deposited in her will lead her to becoming everything we pray for and more! HAPPY THANKSGIVING BRO!

jme shanae said...

I agree with Todd- I totally have gotten into a concern-a-cus mode when it comes to the girls. I find that my prayers are becoming repetitious... I don't like that. I know God is keeping them safe. I think it's part of being a parent. that feeling concern is always there. I just want to be here for them. always.