Monday, February 11, 2008

Doug & Elaine, Elaine and Doug!

Like many, we (my entire family) are Seinfeld fans.  Who isn't?

So I am at LAX this morning, minding my own business when Julia Louis Dryfus strolls up.  Honestly, I am not a Star Struck kind of person! I really tried not to stare.  I really tried not to take a picture. 

Carpe Diem got the best of me!  Not sure when she would ever get the chance to take a picture with me again so . . . . 

She was nice.  I was nice too . . . I didn't use a flash!

Who is the most famous person you've gotten a picture with?  


Di Beals said...

Well I have not had the good fortune to be close enough to a "famous person" with a camera handy....but I do have to say Doug, that we are HUGE Seinfeld fans! And Brandon absolutely loved hanging out with you this weekend. Thanks for entertaining him, and give love to Melissa for me.

Dunnuh said...

It's a tie:
Doug Lake and Wes O'Haire.

catherine said...

Tigger at Disney Land right before attempting to pull the sword out of the stone.