Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Computer Issues

The Super Bowl and the FBR open were memorable events here in Phoenix. We had a good time with family and lots of food as we watched the SB in a memorable finish! Half of us were rooting for perfection and half rooted for the underdog. Everyone enjoyed the game! Both my boys were into the game (the fourth quarter). Melissa said the boys lost their Super Bowl virginity - I think they are look forward to next year's game!

My computer disk died this past weekend too! I took it into the Apple store on Monday and they proceeded to put a new disk in the machine. The y "tried " to save the data - not sure I am too convinced it was completely unsalvageable but. . . . due to the warranty it was repaired. I've spent a lot of time reloading and recovering stuff. I rely on my computer . . . for too much. I am glad I am back up and jogging.

What do you rely on that would be difficult to be without?

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