Friday, March 07, 2008

Stuck in a Small World

Originally posted on Typepad - March 07, 2008

My pastor and friend is a writer. This week his new book dropped called Stuck in a Small World. It will be a soft launch of the book but we are planning to roll it out in conjunction with the opening of our Koina Cafe (hopefully by the end of the month). Here is a brief look at the book:

"With the economy in limbo and life zooming at an out of control pace, the family unit is under attack. Common circumstances have plagued our society for years.

Wyatt tackles these issues head on addressing such issues as single-parent families, sibling rivalry, emotionally distant fathers, blended families, families with special needs children, and many more.

Stuck in a Small World came out of a personal experience, when at Disneyland the Wyatt’s found them selves literally stuck on the ride It’s a Small World. The boat stopped, but the annoying music did not. Meanwhile, the loudspeaker kept blaring, “Please! Do not exit your boats!”

With a painfully honest take on his own families stuckness, Wyatt offers a hopeful look at how we can break the cycle of dysfunction and rewrite the music of our family’s repetitive song."

I am looking forward to reading it.

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