Friday, March 21, 2008

Knee Jerk Reactions & Color outside the lines

Originally posted on Typepad - March 21
We've all had them before. Knee Jerk Reactions. We are too quick to jump to conclusions about situations without knowing all the facts. It's really easy to do when someone's actions don't match up to what
you're used to in your own life. I'm learning that behavior has it's roots lodged in the heart (both good & bad). To keep an open mind, at times, is the ability to hear without making judgments. When we don't
listen, we miss out on many new insights and possible experiences.

If someone would have told me that most of our music would be played digitally and it would be available to the common, not just the elite, that would have blown my mind. What about sending files through the
air (Bluetooth) ... It amazing even today!

I'm try to stay up on what's going on today, especially with my kids culture. But, sometimes I have to do some research to try to keep up & stay engaged in their culture. I like how one person said it, "When I'm engaged in their (our kids) culture, I can stay in relationship with them."

No one is perfect and we all miss the mark with each other! A recent quote from Perry Noble at NewSpring's Unleash Conference is relevant to this topic: "The older generation seems to always get mad at the younger

Shepard Fairey has this to say about culture and such: "My whole M.O. was very similar to skateboarding and punk rock, which was the idea that if the mainstream wasn't picking up on what you were
doing, create an alternative scene to the mainstream. My attitude was never 'I want to be an isolated person and do my own thing in direct opposition to the mainstream'; it was more like 'I need to be doing
what I'm doing, and I need to figure out how to keep doing it by any means necessary.' Alot of people think if you are into some sort of subculture or alternative culture that means you are anti-mainstream.
My idea was always 'Well, mainstream is kinda sucky a lot of times, but does it have to be?' It would be cool to educate people about the stuff that I'm into. Sort of enlighten the mainstream--raise the bar
all across the board rather than having to feel like an outsider forever."

How can this apply in dealing with the church and The Church?

I need to stop my Knee Jerks and let people color outside the lines. I just might learn something. And, then, someone might find the courage to take their next step towards Christ because I get out of the way.

What Knee Jerks have you experienced recently?

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