Friday, July 04, 2008


I read this today and it echoed what I was feeling in my heart. In light of the pain going on in the world - not just hear in America but world wide - We all need hope!

I read this definition of hope ...

Hope = confident expectation in who God is in the midst of any situation.

Confident - how does one obtain confidence?
Expectation - what is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy expectation? 

I am digging into with his definition.

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Lisaliuuu said...

Hey Doug,
I noticed a couple days ago that I don't get your page updates...not sure why. You are one of the subscriptions on my google reader, but it never shows anything new. Am I doing something wrong do you think?

Anyway, on obtaining confidence...I think it is placing trust while doing. Most of the time, I think trusting and doing have to be paired up to gain confidence.

So, there's a better-late-than-never comment. :)

Looking forward to hearing your message today in church. See ya!