Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Apple Genius Bar

If you have a computer, some time or another you've experienced problems.  Comes with the territory.  I recently had an issue with my DVD-CD drive in my MacBook.  I know I was close on the warranty expiration . . . just wasn't sure how close.

I took my computer in to the Biltmore Apple Store in Scottsdale around @ 3 pm on Monday.  The person who helped me was not only helpful but considerate of my being one month past the warranty.  Apple replaced my drive (no charge), replaced my keyboard / trackpad - which had a little wear from closing the lid (no charge), and said they could flip it around to me in a day or two!  Great...with the repair being no charge I could be computerless for a day or two.  I got a call at 6:30 pm that same day saying the repair was complete.  

What I learned:  Be gracious, everyone sometimes needs their warranty extended gratis.  AND give yourself margin to deliver beyond customer expectation.  

Thank you Apple!  Thank you Shawn (the genius that helped me!).

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