Friday, July 25, 2008

"Celebrity" programs

Is it me or do the "celebrity" reality shows bug?  Granted some of the "celebrities" were popular at one time.  But what is the statute of limitations on someone having celebrity status? Seriously! It's not once a celebrity always a celebrity.  Letting go of the 15 minutes is tough.

What is our fascination with people in entertainment?  Come on now - I think it all boils down to the definition of "Celebrity/Star" - Dancing with the Stars - Jason Taylor and Apollo Ono are athletes not "Stars".  Vanilla Ice? Flavor Flav? What about the people that become "stars" from being on reality shows . . . . Amorosa? Can you help me understand this!  

Does being on a TV or a movie qualify?  When I think "Celebrity" or "Star" I think Johnny Depp, Will Smith, or Charlize Theron.  Can't see them doing a reality program.  Just my thought.    

What is your take on all this "celebrity" fascination?  


Brian said...

The celebrity of Webster will never die. The rest of them died long, long ago.

Ericka Moore said...

First of all...Amorosa gets UNDER MY SKIN. I don't consider her a celebrity, but's it obvious that she considers herself one! I think you become a celebrity when you become a household name. But I don't think that makes you a star. That comes with admiration of you and your ability. That's my two cents. :)