Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Week for Phoenix

This is a big week for Phoenix sports.  Besides hosting the Super Bowl (Patriots vs. Giants) there is a major PGA tournament going on - although there is no Tiger there will be  4 of the top 10 golfers (including #2 & #3).  

The Super Bowl alone is supposed to bring in about 400 million in revenue for the city's economy.  

Ten of the top 20 viewed TV programs all-time have been Super Bowls!

I heard on the radio that some hotels are charging up to 8 times their normal price!

Companies are paying up to 2.7 million for a thirty-second ad.  That's a lot of cash . . . 

I forgot to add that the SUNS are playing the SPURS on Thursday!

If you are hosting a party, what is the best Super Bowl snack?

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