Friday, June 20, 2008


We've all gone through it. Some of us are in over our heads in it! Adversity is not biased. It can touch anyone in any area of life, at any time.

Maybe in school…

Maybe in a relationship…

Maybe as a single mom or dad…

Maybe in your job…

I've had my share. I've learned that adversity reinforces, strengthens. It also challenges who I am at the core. It's been said that adversity doesn't build reveals it!

I have to ask myself: Do I avoid adversity and take that path of least resistance? OR will I get my hands dirty and push…conquer…learn…understand?

Maybe it’s having that challenging conversation that I have been avoiding. Maybe it's procrastinating on a project because I have hit a mental block, challenging circumstances, economic woes, or whatever!

In these times we face, let's find out what we are truly made of. It is in those times that we can see our strengths and opportunities for growth. I would suggest that in those times adversity could serve us well. If we don't like what it reveals, change it.

A comfort in adversity for me is Psalm 91:15 - God promises us that He will be with us in our times of trouble. Sometimes I may not feel that. . . but I trust and know it's truth.

What is our perspective on adversity? Maybe it's to provide wisdom, a teachable moment, or provide us opportunities for compassion and empathy. I am much more empathetic when I encounter others who are experiencing my past / current pain! Finding someone to talk to about the situation helps too!

What adversity have you been avoiding? What are some challenges that you need to face head on this week?
My suggestion: don’t avoid adversity…face it and live!

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Lisaliuuu said...

amen, amen and amen.

I'm taking a little break from adversity. ;)

But I is a place where you learn greatly. And facing it results in real living!

Mike Slagle said...

I love reading your stuff, man. We're on the same page.

Brian said...

I recently was dreading telling my boss I had applied for a job elsewhere. Long story short, I eventually had to approach him about it, rather than just submit my "two week's" and have that be the first hint of it. Sure, that's "protocol" - but it didn't work for me. Felt like cheating, and not all that honorable (at least in my situation). So I worked up the nerve and started a difficult conversation. One that made me a better person. And went well, I will admit - but that's just a bonus. The real score was the personal growth that I underwent by working through my feelings/fears (and the adversity), and starting the conversation in the first place.

If it's always easy, do you ever grow? I'm thinking no.