Thursday, June 12, 2008

Planes, Buses, & Boats

We took a little trip to Seattle to celebrate Melissa's sisters High School graduation.  We haven't been to Seattle in about three years and with many of Melissa's family around, should be a good time!

We set off for adventure bright and early - Ahead of us a plane ride, a bus ride (which we volunteered for the sheer adventure of it), and a boat ride!  Here is the day in Hyper speed.  

WARNING:  Take a little Dramamine - the fast pace has know to cause dizziness!


Mike Slagle said...

Dude, I'm exhausted just from watching that video. I go to Seattle quite a bit on business. Love Ivar's clam chowder! Great city.

I thought you were going to start an incident on the plane. Don't you know you're supposed to turn off all electronic items for take-off?!

Daniel R. said...

What is that nasty little groove on the video? Niiiiiice.

Lisaliuuu said...

I always liked rushing to the front of the ferry to watch it pull into the dock.

Have fun!! Hope you see some sunshine!!