Sunday, June 08, 2008

In a funk

I hesitate to write this, but I feel a little funky! Not sure why - just a little out of control with stuff. There is a lot on my mind:

:: Work related stuff to juggle. Outside of maybe accounting (no offense to numbers people) do we ever get a handle on all we have to manage. Maybe it's just me!

:: Am I being the dad and husband my family need. I feel sometimes that I am distracted by what I didn't get done, I have trouble being present for the family.

:: I am not exercising like I should - regularly!

:: My back has been bugging me when I wake up.

:: I don't like my head shaved or fuzzy - Now I'm sounding like a girl.

:: I need to get better at planning our monthly spending (got great tools at my disposal from my FPU class)

:: I want to run another marathon but not sure I want to put in the time and energy!

I am extremely grateful for so many blessing God's given . . . Man, I am thankful - just feeling funky!

Thanks for letting me get this out of my head. I'm going to eat a bowl of cereal.

What do you do when you are in a funk?


Melissa said...

Hey Doug!
Glad I checked in today!
Here is what you should do - since you already made a list of all that puts you into a funk - now you need to make 1 more list. All the things you are thankful for or that make you TOTALLY BEYOND happy.
But that list has to have twice as many things on it.
Ready -GO!
Melissa in Chicago

Lisaliuuu said...

Hi Doug!

Shave it. ;)

Enjoy your's going to feel good to have a break and it'll recharge your engines!

:) Lisa

Brian said...

Honestly? I play the drums. Nothing (so far) pulls me out of a funk like a good, sweaty hour of drumming.

My drumset hasn't been setup for a year. I've felt funky for a while...


Mike Slagle said...

Thanks for blogging about the funk. Sometimes its helpful knowing that others feel the same way at times.

If it was me, I'd train to run a marathon with my friends (just kidding).