Friday, June 06, 2008


A few months ago I contemplated changing blog formats. I liked what the Typepad offered but didn't like the feeling of once you go there - they've got you for life - feeling. What I mean is all the post on Typepad are non-transferrable to any other blogging site. It's a feature that some of the others offer . . . which is why I have decided to stick with Blogger (Blogspot). For the kind of blogging I am doing and for my "audience" - it's the right format for me.

So as to not lose any of the Typepad posts when I close my account (within a couple of days) - During the next couple of days I will be reposting the Typepad posts to my Blogspot account. If you've already read them, please bear with me. If you haven't it may catch you up as to what was on my mind!

If you want to view all the post from Typepad - Search by typing - Typepad - at the top of this page!

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