Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Santa: What to tell your kids...

One of my hopes for this blog is there will develop a dialog regarding some posts. I'd really like to hear your thoughts and opinions. So chime in!

One of the most controversial topics, especially for parents is what to do with the subject of Santa. We've had a couple of approaches over the years.

The dilemma for parents is whether or not to tell kids there is a Santa who brings them gifts, thereby "ruining" the magic of Christmas - modeling to them it's OK to mislead if the end justifies the means.

Others foster telling their kids the true story of St. Nicholas and his generous heart and selfless acts.

Some have said Jesus brings their gifts. (Check out this Santa and Jesus similarity video - 2 minutes)

Still others are upfront with their three year old telling them that mom and dad give them their gifts ... not giving Santa ... or Jesus any of the credit!

There may be some questions my kids ask that are not age-appropriate for them to fully know. I personally want to create a family environment where my kids can ask tough questions, and they know I will be honest in my answers. That's what I want from them ... Now to bake some cookies for Santa. (haha)

So ... where to you lean in this conversation and why?


jme shanae said...

So... I love Santa! Nothing wrong with the BIG GUY. FOr awhile we even did Santa and Jesus for christmas... Then Mikhayla came home one day and told me that one of her friends was teasing her that Santa wasn't real. She asked me if it was true. I had to be honest and from that point on I decided I wasn't ruining the magic of christmas for my kids by letting them know Santa was a real as the Easter Bunny.
So.... for the first year it was really sweet when people would ask bella if she was ready for Santa and she would reply "no, JESUS"
I really just wanted to remind them why we are celebrating Christmas- Seems like every holiday is so over commercialized... I just want my kids to know and remember what is most important.

D.Lake said...

Great thoughts Jaime. Thanks!

Check out http://www.adventconspiracy.org/ regarding the commercialized Christmas. It's great!