Thursday, December 04, 2008

Computer non-issues ...

If you rely on your computer daily for work, you can imagine how tough a day is without a computer. That was my day today.

My computer was working well this morning. After checking email and such first thing, I closed down and went to work. My MacBook "grey screened" me!

I immediately scheduled a Genius Bar appointment (at the Apple Store). The prognosis ... Bad egg of a disc. I purchased a new one at Fry's at the recommendation of the "Genius" who showed me how to change the disc myself. Gotta love 'em.

Here is the great part. I was a bit dreading reloading all the programs and such. The Time Machine feature (Apple's backup system on their new OS) reloaded everything for me. EVERYTHING ... Apps and all! It was flawless.
What do you like about your computer?

This only worked out well cause .... my last backup was last Sunday and only lost three days of work.

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