Sunday, May 03, 2009

Catayst West Coast Pics ... 2009

I posted some of my initial thoughts from Catalyst West Coast earlier this week. Even though my camera phone is not top quality, I decided I would share some pics from Catalyst West Coast.

Pic 1: They rolled out the red carpet for us, literally. The crowd waits!
Pic 2: Free Lunch both days provided by Chic Fillet.
Pic 3: Hillsong United rocked.
Pic 4: James and Kyla Kinzler - James and I roomed 3.5 years in college. In each others weddings. I had not seen them since mine!
Pic 5: Chris Dodd, Chad (our new missionary friend from New Zealand), Kevin Jenkins, Jared Buckley, Mike Marshall, Scott Lawrence ... not pictured - ME - probably know what I look like!

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