Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life in the margins

Margin.  It's the stuff on either side of this page you read.  Our eyes need it when reading.  Margin (white space) in design is a place for your eyes to rest.  I think margin in life is the needed place we need to rest, think, plan, think more and love.  For the last few months I've been re-evaluating time management.  I think it's always good to self evaluate and make adjustments.  I've read a couple of blogs lately that have confirmed and helped guide my thinking lately.  

Anne Jackson recently wrote about the stress we create in our lives by filling our lives with too much social media or mismanagement of our calendar ... "The stress comes when the things I value in my heart (mainly my faith and my marriage) are not getting the time and attention they deserve. There’s a misalignment of values. What I say is important and where I spend my time don’t line up to a degree where it’s healthy."  I really like that.  My faith and family are my two top priorities, as are probably yours.  

Here is how I am trying to create more margin in my life:

1.  It's no secret in the Lake House that the phone is not our favorite tool.  A few years back we started the no phone answer rule during dinner time.  NOTHING is as important as our family sharing our meal together, being present, and enjoying each other.  We continue to keep that boundary.

2.  Being present.  Kinda relates to number one.  It's easy to not be when I am sitting on the couch, computer in lap while the rest of the family is doing .... whatever else.  I am trying to play more games with the kidos, talk to my wife more,  and with summer coming - Swimming!  Another thing about being present to help create margin is when I am working ... I do my best to be present at work.  Work hard during work time.  Isn't that what we're supposed to do anyway?  Should go without saying but I said it anyway.

3.  Reading more.  There is something that is quieting to the soul when we read a book/magazine/scripture.  Helps with focus too.  The key for me is to read something that interests me.  

4.  Schedule do nothing nights.  "But what if you are asked if you have any plans and someone asks for you to do?"  We have plans ... plans to do nothing together.

These are just some ways I am trying to maintain margin in my life.  Six months from now I may need to add more to this list but for now ... this will keep me focused on what's important.  

What are some ways you can create margin for your life? Please share .... 

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