Friday, May 15, 2009

Life in the margins ... part 2

Another thing that I've been really convicted about is really honoring a day off.  Scripture calls it a Sabbath.  God set up and modeled for us that after working a few days ... one must have a day of rest.  Rest? Do we in America, make it happen, connected to "life" people even know what that means any more? I understand rest is a vague and subjective term.  Defined ... it's to cease from work or movement to relax, refresh, and recover strength.

I do know it's one of the biggest violations of people who are in ministry.  It's easy to justify working since we are working for God! 

I have made a commitment to honor my Sabbath.  Usually it's Fridays.  This week it's Saturday.  It's no longer my day off ... it's my Sabbath.  I recently heard someone say, "It's easy to cheat on our day off.  A little harder when it's our Sabbath."  No phone calls, no emails, meetings, etc.  It's a paradigm shift that we've gotten way from.  And it's vital to our physical, mental, emotional, family and spiritual health.

How important is a Sabbath to you?  How do you keep your boundaries?

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