Friday, January 25, 2008

Favorite . . . Drummers

Now drummin' is near and dear to my heart. Inevitably someone who "should" be on the list will be left off. These are my favorites right now.

1. Vinnie Colaiuta: He is my favorite of all time. The dude is a legend to say the least. I first heard of him in the early 90's although he was playing with Frank Zappa way back when. His handle of odd times is incredible. I saw him at Yoshi's in Oakland and was glad my Wes and my family got to enjoy the experience as well. Probably not as much as I though! My favorite recording of his . . . Sting's Ten Sumner's Tales - Clinic on drummin'.

The rest are not in any order . . . .
2. Carter Beauford: Looks like he is having a blast behind the kit. Is the train that moves DMB.

3. Chris Coleman: His work with Israel Houghton is phenomenal. He has some of the quickest hands and feet. Makes it look easy.

4. ?uestlove: (Ahmir Thompson) This guy grooves and then . . . grooves some more. Nobody better in the Hip Hop / Neosoul world.

5. J J Johnson: Not to be confused with the Wynton Marsalis Trombone player. I've seen this guy twice live and countless on TV and DVD. Writes the text book at what a pocket feels like. If you ever see him . . . his head and shoulders tell the story. Simple, powerful, solid, money! John Mayer did well in hiring this guy.'

6. Stewart Copeland: For all the fighting that went on with The Police . . . They made great music. Stewart blended lots of styles to give them their unique brand. Rock has lunch with Reggae and coffee with Jazz. Great composer as well.

These Guys have had some influence on my drumming over the years:
Honorable mentions:
Chris McHugh (Garth, Lincoln, Currently with Keith Urban) | Bill Maxwell (my childhood hero)- Andre Crouch, Koinonia | Steve Brewster (Faith Hill, Awake America - Lindell Cooley, Nashville Session Guy) | Scott Williamson (Nashville Session Guy, FFH, Lincoln) | Tony Williams (Jazz Great, Miles, and others) | Jeff Pocarro (Toto) | Alex Acuna (LA Session Guy, Weather Report, Koinonia)


DrewJ said...

No Neal Peart? Don't forget Rush! :)

Doug Lake said...

I wished I listened to more RUSH. I definitely appreciate what he offers . . . just not one of my favorites.