Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am disappointed.  I failed to fulfill the expectations of . . . myself.  I believe in the statement I saw on a Gatorade shirt that said, "The best inspiration is not to outdo others but to outdo yourself."I didn't outdo myself.  I set out to run in the PF Chang Rock N' Roll Marathon (Jan. 13) - read here.  I don't do the little things I did on my first.  

One was signing up and paying for it.  I didn't do that.  

The other was sticking to my plan.  I didn't do that!  

Third was getting sick.  I did that!  After being sick for about a week/half.  I never recovered
the motivation to run the marathon.  

As I watched the coverage this weekend I am disappointed.  My new goal is San Diego - June 1. I plan to go by the book.   It worked last time.  Why not again!  I feel/hear my athletic clock ticking. 

Any tips on how one may outdo their self?  Any external motivation tips?


Anonymous said...

To outdo yourself would be to outdo Doug Lake; which we all know is impossible. It has been tried by many, and all who have tried have died doing so.

Melissa said...

Well, what I know about you is that if you set your mind to do something, you can and will do it! External motivation? Hmmm...I'll give you a million dollars if you run the marathon in June. You are already a marathoner!