Saturday, January 26, 2008

I can't believe I did this. . . .

I knew I was going to do it!  I left off one of my favorite drummers.  One that has influenced me and many others.  He can be heard on the radio, on any given pop station.  The thing that bothers me about leaving him off is that he and Vinnie are tops to me!  

Abe Laboriel Jr. has it all.  Besides being the backbeat for Paul McCartney, he's also laid down groove for Sting, Sheryl Crow, Clapton, Shakira, Jewel, Liz Phair, Vanessa Carlton, and both Simpson girls.  Here is a complete list.

Three words that describe his drumming to me:  Passion, Power, Passionate-Power!  Entertaining to watch and has such a solid groovy groove.

Rock on Abe!  Rock on!  For your drumming greatness and my forgetfulness . . . you get your own post.

Any others I've left off?  Who is your top three favorite drummers?


Dunnuh said...

Dennis Chambers, anyone? Probably the most impressive drummer I've seen live. That includes Vinnie and Carter. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a guitar player!

Doug Lake said...

I hear ya Danny! It's a hard line to draw . . . Dennis Chambers would be on the list if only I listened to him more.

By the way, NEVER short change yourself . . . you know your stuff. Dennis should at least be on the HonyMents!