Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Favorite . . . Snacks!

I've turned over a new leaf in the last couple of years. Just trying to take care of myself a little better. My top five snack foods. Not in any order:

1. Carrot sticks (dipped in ranch - when I'm feeling crazy)
2. Raw almonds (Trader Joe's)
3. A warm pita dipped in hummus. (23 seconds in the micro and enjoy!)
4. Cranberry Ice Pops - (Ocean Spray poured in the ice cube trays. Don't forget the toothpicks)
5. Smoothies with silken tofu and frozen berries (seasonal) Tofu is a great alternative protein source without saturated fat.

OK - who am I kidding! Here is the real list.

1. Melissa's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - Great out of the oven. Incredible frozen treat - Don't knock it til you've tried it!
2. Peanut M&M's - I used to be a plain guy for years. Still like them, but loving the salty/sweet thing these days!
3. Pepperidge Farm double chocolate cookies. I don't care for the milk choco. Gotta be the dark. So light and crumbly . . . you blink and 4/5 are gone!
4. Fuji apples - Nothing like them in season. This seems like it should go on the healthy list but I really like them! The only stipulation with apples . . . I eat more of them when they are cut up wedges.
5. Grapes - Got to be careful not to eat too many at one setting. Love the purple ones!

Honorable mentions: Bowl of Cereal, pistachios, cashews, brownies (homemade), Snickers - really satisfies!, fresh pineapple

What are your top three?


Melissa said...

Hmmmm....has silken tofu ever even knowingly passed your lips! I don't think so! I am glad that your #1 favorite snack is my chocolate chip cookies. I'll make you some for your birthday!

My top 3:

- Your wife's chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
- Peppermint ice cream
- Resees PB Cups

Ya think I like sweets???

jme shanae said...

Wow! what a list!
I have to say though my top 3 contains one of your sudo ones..

1. tomatoe and basil hummus from trader joes with tortillia chips.
2.Coco puffs.. Can't go wrong with chocolate cereal
3. my peanut butter cookies. (actually they're toll house) but I bake them long enough to be chewy! YUM!