Monday, August 04, 2008

New Pics

Today, we were privileged to meet Julie Belle and Daley Hake and have them in our home. We met them via internet social networking (blogs, facebook, and the like). Daley and Julie are genuine, likable, and talented in many ways.

If you need photography or a guitarist (especially in/around SoCal) contact him! If you need a pianist/singer/songwriter contact her (She made our piano feel loved and filled our house with beautiful music!) You can see more of Daley's work here.

If you get a chance to hang with them, do so ... it was a great day.


Dan Slagle said...

You guys are so cool. Love the pics.
I've seen Daley's work before and I love it.

Charity said...

LOVE THE PICS UNCLE DOUG! that one of nathan cracks me up and the family one is like my new favorite picture ever.

ya'll are gorgeous! :D

Lisaliuuu said...

wow, I love those pictures!

C.Cary said...

You all look stinkin' hot!
What a great lookin' family.
Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

hey doug
WOW when i see these pics it brings me back to memories with the boys boy do i miss yo guys A LOT
luv ya'll
Alyssa Slagle