Thursday, August 28, 2008

Working on it!

There's been a lot of buzz on FOR WHAT IT's WORTH regarding my recent post where I listed several stats regarding pastors, etc. I asked for and received a comment|feedback yesterday from Anne Jackson. I asked her for her three benefits (keep reading), which she shared, but also shed light on the statistics.

Her comment was, "what is encouraging is...even though these stats are from reliable sources, they're not scientific." In doing the research for her book, she tackled the allure of these stats especially to those in the ministry. I must confess ... I am guilty of Info. Porn! Check this article out when you get a chance - which she references some of the same stats. I know that is her opinion, and I agree with it regarding this stuff.

By the way, Anne's new book Mad Church Disease drops in February of 2009. I am looking forward to the read regarding overcoming the burnout epidemic.

I mentioned at the end of the Pastor Stats post that I was thinking about blogging about the top three joys / benefits of being in the ministry. I started by emailing a bunch of my friends who are in the ministry and have received some great input.

Although the results of my straw poll will not be scientific, my hope is that we can shed light on some of the good that ministers enounter doing what they do. I am collecting and decifering the info. and my hope is to post something on Friday.

The bottom line for me with all this is to raise awareness that we all need each other. It's when we isolate and conceal that some of those stats (scientific or not) can become a reality in our own lives.

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C.Cary said...

I have recently shared that post with some people. It gets you thinking.