Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics on the head!

The Summer Olympics only come around every four years. They only last for two weeks and then it's another four years.

Now I know some may be thinking, don't you have anything better to blog about than the olympics (especially since 4 of my last 6 have been Olympic related). Well my answer is yes I do have other things to blog about:

** I had a great day at church today. It was the first weekend in the last month that I didn't feel preoccupied with Tech related issues.
** I really enjoyed our birthday party for my son Jackson today. It was well rounded, organized and lots of fun! Matched his personality.
** I have a somewhat busy week. I am going to simplify it (only do what is ABSOLUTELY necessary - Man I wish I finished the 4-Hour Work Week book.
** I get to have lunch with a college roommate - Jeff Roberts. He's fun to hang with.
** Looking forward to speaking this next weekend.

How's that for non-olympic blogging! BTW - as I type, I am seeing a Chinese girl cry after a bad performance. You see it all in the olympics - in the words of wide world of sports - "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!"

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