Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympics: Recap

Over the last two weeks I blogged about the Olympics a few times - Seven to be exact! Here are a few of my thoughts as a recap of 2008 Summer Olympiad:

*I talked about the overall medal count here. It bothered me that, in reality, most don't care about silver and bronze. I think the USA makes a big deal with the overall medal count to make us fell like "WE WON."
*Interesting fact from here: China won 27 gold medals in judged sports. The United States won 4 gold medals in judged sports.
*Michael Phelps' performance was incredible. The 100 m Butterfly Final was unbelievable. The relay where Jason Lezak came from behind was another favorite moment.
*Gymnast Shawn Johnson is cute as a button.
*The hand motions on the balance beam bug me.
*Both US 4x100 m relay teams dropping the baton was disappointing.
*Usain Bolt's wins | records were ... jaw dropping! What makes them more incredible is that he's 21!
*The Opening Ceremonies amazed me in two ways: 1. the organization and precision of so many involved. 2. Li Ning's touch lighting sky walk. (It would be good if all other host cities leave Beijing alone and not try to duplicate what they did). It was what it was.
*I'd like to see more handball.
*Beach volleyball (volleyball in general) seemed like it got the most coverage ... to me!
*I'm a huge basketball fan but really didn't get into the "REDEEM TEAM." I am glad they won, and glad they were respectable ... just wasn't into them. Not sure why.
*Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page were closing ceremony highlights for me.

What were your highlights?

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jme shanae said...

When Michael Phelps won that race by a tip of a finger! that was nuts! and the one guy who was running in one of the race's and slid into 3rd to win a bronze... That was pretty major- I am horrible at names and countries and normally dont' even watch the olypmics... But it was pretty cool this year!