Friday, August 29, 2008

Top 3 Benefits

I asked about 30 people that I know in ministry to give me their Top 3 Benefits of being in the ministry. The group of people are in various roles and stages in ministry. Some just a few years, some with 30 plus years of experience, and everywhere in between.

Some things can't be measured but only felt. This straw poll is in no way scientific but it was heartfelt. I wanted to hear the whys, feelings, and thoughts of those who, given the specific challenges (as with every responsibility), sacrifice yet continually are motivated to pursue and fulfill their calling.

Most enjoyed being involved with or around people's lives. This was a common denominator. Flexibility of time, working on a team, and knowing there was obedience to God all motivated some in their calling.

Thanks to all 25 who were able to participate.

For a complete list click here!

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