Thursday, August 07, 2008

Olympics are here!

I am getting excited about the Olympics.  Why?

*The opening ceremonies are pretty cool - for the first hour and half ...
*They only come around every four years.  
*The competition.
*The stories of those who participate and how some have overcome great challenges.
*Bob Costas - he's the best
*This Olympics, in China, has a special tie to our family.  We've traveled there and it will be good to see some of  the places we've seen.  Of course this does not endorse any human rights violations, political stance, or religious beliefs - not sure why I feel I have to clarify that!
*Swimming, Hoops, Track & Field are some of my favorites. 
*Gymnastics is a guilty pleasure .... Strength and grace together!

What are your favorite events at the olympics?

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Ericka Moore said...

My favorite...and I'm not even sure if this is still synchronized swimming. :) I used to want to do that when I was little! And maybe a little still. haha.

I also love the diving, the high jump (because I did high jump in elementary school) and long jump, for the same reason...