Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Giving and Getting

I agree with some of the talk lately about our society over extending ourselves in so many ways, especially financially.  We've forgotten about delayed gratification and to revert back to character building principles seems so ... so ... lame!  We want and we get!  Bunch of getters we are.

Ben Arment works for Catalyst. I really like his blog. Challenging and to the point. A few days ago he wrote this about Giving and Getting ...

"Moving from a getter to a giver is the best way to achieve what you want.

Let's say you want to be mentored by somebody. You want them to share books, ask how you're doing, pray for you... but they're not biting. So reverse it. Pour into them. See what happens.

Let's say you want to build a network. You've got goals, and you need contacts. Try not asking for anything for a while. Instead, only give out. Watch how often your calls get returned.

In the social economy, givers always end up the biggest getters."

What do you think?


Pete Hixson said...

hey man - thanks for the shout on my blog - this is some great thoughts on being a giver!

D.Lake said...

Thanks for the comment Pete. I put you On My Radar.

Anonymous said...

Today was a weird situation- Bella and I were @ Horton Plaza this morning... Just got done with lunch and were headed to the car when I sweet middle-aged homeless man stopped us and asked us for money... I told him that I hadn't any cash.. So then he asked if I could just buy him some food... I immediately thought of the verse in the bible that says " feed the hungry and cloth the poor" so without hesitation I said yes and bought him some lunch.
It was a great thing for Bella to see too.. That not everyone has food to eat... those are my thoughts-

D.Lake said...

That's great Jaime. What a great opportunity to live it out to the least! I hope Bella will not soon forget that lesson.

Thanks for the comment.