Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Forget

I get the privilege of taking communion each week at church. It's a way to remember the sacrifice Jesus gave for me on the cross and time of fresh commitment and renewal. I never want to forget, or take for granted, the cost of salvation, the power of resurrection, and the hope there is living for Jesus.

This has made me think a bit what what else I don't want to forget:

  • My first kiss with Melissa
  • Holding my boys after their birth
  • Seeing the look on my daughter's face on our "gotcha" day
  • What it feels like to get a second chance
  • Growing up in a home full of love
  • What it's like to be the outsider
  • Uncertainty of the next step ... and taking it anyway
  • The moments the Holy Spirit touched my life from childhood to today
  • The last time I caused my wife or kids cry
  • Exhilaration of crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles
  • The comfort and joy of being with family
  • Unexplainable humility of sharing in life transformation
There is more. Much more ....

What about you? What is it you never want to forget?
[idea ht: Aaron Ivey]


Charity said...

i like this one :)

i never want to forget:

-growing up seeing the great examples of God's love and having faith through the people in my family
-all the love and support i got growing up
-playing basketball with my dad, you, and big tim
-my first kiss with josh :)
-the feeling i got when i graduated with summa cum laude honors

and i can't think of anything else right now...

Todd Oldenburg, Banning CA said...

great blog. I never want to forget the day I truly knew the love of God and accepted the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. I never want to forget the morning (4:20 a.m.) my wife woke me with the words "my water broke" and the day I witnessed my girls come into the world. There is so much to remember, thanks for reminding me!

Melissa in Chicago said...

I never want to forget:
**The moment I opened my email to see my daughters referral picture for the very first time - in that moment my dream came true - I was a mommy
**The last conversation I had with my mom before she died
**The feeling I had when they placed Mikayla in my arms on our Forever Family Day and the feeling that I was in the middle of a miracle that God Himself created
**The first year of marriage that tested my love for Mike and made me realize love is priceless
**Hearing the words "Mommy I'm so glad God made you my mama"
**The values my parents taught me