Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard on yourself / Hard on others

John Newton (author of the hymn "Amazing Grace") said, “When people are right with God, they are apt to be hard on themselves and easy on others. But when they are NOT right with God, they are easy on themselves and hard on others.”

I am not as bad as the person who is __________ (fill in the blank). At least I don't __________ (fill in the blank). I tend to feel better about myself when I compare myself with someone else's sin / problem whether it's my coworker or the latest celebrity in rehab.

My goal is to balance grace and truth in my life. I need to give both and receive both in my life. You need both. Scripture says Jesus was full of Grace and Truth (John 1:14). He's my standard not my neighbor.

This is easier said than done - Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Good thought....provoking self evaluation....thanks for putting the thought out there.

jme shanae said...

I give ya an "AMEN" in this corner!
Speak the truth- (in love of course)


Corrie said...

Funny thing. When Pastor Steve preached this, I thought "oh, I am glad he's preaching this, so and so needs to hear it!" LOL! I think I needed to hear it even more.