Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being Present: What a gift!

In watching the 911 memorial stuff this morning on CSPAN (yes, I watched CSPAN), I remembered how Melissa woke me up to tell me of the attacks that horrific morning in 2001. My heart still goes out to those who lost loved ones that day. I can't imagine the emotions they experience on this day.

In watching the Pentagon Memorial this morning, I saw President Bush and his wife take time to talk with the families. It wasn't rushed. And they took time to look people in the eyes as they listened.

It made me remember how important it is to be present when we talk or encounter people throughout our day. How many times have we been doing something only to experience an interruption by someone - maybe a coworker or a child or a customer - beckoning for our attention. I understand not every encounter weighs as heavy as talking to someone who's lost a loved one ... the point is how can we make that person feel valued in that moment?

I am going to work on that today. And tomorrow. And the next day ...

What can you do to help someone feel valued today?

NOTE: As I typed this my two of my kids came into talk to me. I stopped my thought process and acknowledged their request. Having A D D is no excuse not to be present.


ericka m said...

This was really good. It made me think of how some of the time I don't feel valued. And then it made me think of Half Dome and "Give what you need". And then faces came to mind who need to feel valued. And I can help with that...


Lisaliuuu said...

I read the verse today about honoring others above yourselves and then I checked it out in different translations. The phrase that stuck in my head all day was "prefer others".
Have been thinking about those families today too that lost loved ones on 9-11.
Thanks, Doug. :)

Melissa said...

Look at you when you talk to me. Stop making dinner when you come home. Not let the kids interrupt when you are telling me about your day. You are the best listener I know. Thanks!