Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Collection of Thoughts

There is a lot running through my head these days: 

// At The Crossroads, two people who've been battling terminal illnesses for a while now have passed within the last three weeks.  Jen McGrew and Mike Smith will be missed.
// I visited Bob and Nancy Thornton last night.  Bob has been battling many different ailments the last two years.  Seeing him on his death bed last night brought a lot of different emotions.  I am praying with Nancy that Bob will pass peacefully in his sleep.
// Watched House last night ... why is he the only one who can diagnose a patient correctly.  
// Temporarily misplaced my Man Card and watched Baby Mama last night.  I am glad my wife liked it.
// I have a love/hate relationship with golf.  One good shot will keep you coming back for more.  
// I've been running a bit lately.  Trying to put in about three/four times a week. I really like the idea of exercising every day ... being in shape.  Getting the idea into my action, that's the challenge!
// One of my new favorite, thought provoking blogs these days is John Burke's Soul Revolution ... check it out.
// Will post more about LifeShare ... may be a day behind on this.
// We are hosting our first 2|42 Growth Group tonight for the fall 2008.  We get meet and share life with four new families.  

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Melissa said...

Speaking of running...I'm coming to wake you up right now...