Monday, September 01, 2008

iTunes Top Five

Open your iTunes Library. Click on Play Count button. This will arrange all our songs by the amount of times you've played a song.

My top five:
1. Makes me wonder - Maroon 5 (24)
2. Happy Day - Steve Fee (20)
3. Mighty to Save - Hillsong (19)
4. Wake up call - Maroon 5 (19)
5. How could you do this? - The Great Fiction - (18)
Disclaimer: I like Maroon 5 but my wife likes them more than I, hence the double appearance in the Top five.

What is on your iTunes top five?

1 comment:

Terry V. Skiles said...

#1. Viva la Vida (ColdPlay)
#2. Your Name High (Hillsong)
#3. Two of us (Beatles)
#4. Violet Hill (Coldplay)
#5. Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

I'm in a very UK mood I guess...