Friday, September 05, 2008

Sleep and go seek!

When ever a story about a missing child is on the news, as a parent, I try to make mental note of being more aware of my kids (without being overbearing or paranoid) especially in public. My heart goes out to families who've experienced this tragedy.

Well this morning after waking up and saying hi, our four year old daughter, went missing. In the midst of getting coffee, putting load of wash in, and picking up around the house Gigi had disappeared and we didn't know where.

We have a pool and our first though was to check there! Not there (thank God). After checking usual and unusual spots, my wife glanced in a wicker basket used for floor pillows / blankets .... and there she was. She went back to sleep in the basket of cozies!


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Anonymous said...

bella and mikhayla have both done this in there toy boxes! Super scary- but cute when you see that they are comfortable and peaceful!