Friday, September 19, 2008

PC image control and Polarization

Watching the new "PC" commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, you can see Microsoft is really trying to reinvent themselves. I saw the newer commercial (here's an inside look) last night that showed celebrities and others confidently declared - "I'm a PC!"

While I applaud them for trying to reinvent ... am reminded of a quote I heard Steve Jobs say, "If you can't innovate, you have to imitate." It seems like Microsoft really wants a piece of the cool pie that Apple easily corners the market in technology.

It got me to think that there are many things that are polarizing in our society. What are you ...
- Mac or PC
- Conservative or Liberal
- Traditional or Progressive
- this or that .... fill in the blank

Just reading those words probably put an immediate image in your mind - either a person or personal bias.

Just thought it was interesting. Any other polarizing topics that come to your mind?
By they way, this blog was typed on a MacBook - I've been called a Mac Snob. It is what it is....


Derrick Logan said...

Funny that the quote you mentioned came from Steve Jobs...

Although I'm not a Mac apologist or PC hater, it does make me snarl when you see Microsoft trying so hard to catch up that they miss an incredible opportunity to do something fresh. That's a the difference between a thriving company, willing to take risks and a company just trying desperately to tread water.

Lot's of comparisons you can draw to this conversation, good stuff Doug!

Mike Slagle said...

Dodger fan vs. D-back fan :)