Thursday, September 25, 2008

LifeShare - Day 7

Today is the last day of the week long focus of LifeShare. After today, no more sharing life! (haha) I've been thinking of listing a few things I want develop in my life. A couple of dudes beat me to the punch listing theirs examining comparison trap (which I relate to) and the "That Guy" syndrome (which I related to as well).

My rhetorical questions to deal with: (answering any one of these may open a can of emotional worms for me).
:: Why do I stay up late thinking I will get it done.
:: Why do I worry what others will think of me, if I really tell them how I feel about stuff.
:: How come do I over commit and under deliver.
:: I don't always pay attention to my kids when they are talking to me. Their talking to me IS a treasured moment. They are inviting me into their world. Do I want them to think I enjoy the computer, TV, Phone, ______ more than what they have to say.
:: Why do I try to work so much at home.
:: Why is it hard to trust others completely.
:: When did having a blog start to make me feel important. Why does it now.
:: What keeps me from being more direct.
:: Why don't I pray more than I do.
:: Why do I think I am better than what I really am.
:: How come I try to impress others with who I've met or what I've accomplished.
:: Why don't others follow.
:: I don't like my head shaved or with hair (not a question but had to get that in there).
:: Is God's Word as important to me than what I live out.
:: Do I believe the songs I sing.

Honestly, I have a few more ... but feel this list will keep me busy. Just a guy trying to work it out...trying to live it out...trying to love it out.

Answer your hearts most pressing question(s) ...

If you want a place for where others are sharing what's really in their heart....
visit (warning: some of these are explicit but mostly ... sad)

(note: the questions were not meant to have question marks. I saw them as statements).

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